12 Aug

As they get older, most men start to notice crinkling around their mouths and eyes, particularly if they work outside. While there are treatments available at medspas to help reverse these symptoms, investing in high-quality moisturizing products now can reduce the effects of aging on your skin and help you look your best for years to come. Below are just a few reasons every guy should use skin care products.

Why Should Men Moisturize?

1. Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Over time, the collagen in skin starts to break down, which eventually results in wrinkles and laugh lines. This is a normal part of aging, but a good moisturizer can slow the process and help your skin retain water. Because moisturized skin is thicker, small valleys and wrinkles will be less noticeable.

2. Control Oily Skin

Some guys with oily skin assume they don’t need to moisturize when the opposite is true. Your skin could be compensating for dryness by producing too much oil, which can clog pores and create an unflattering shine. Face creams will restore the proper moisture balance, potentially putting an end to oily patches, acne, and ingrown hairs.

3. Sun Protection

Some sun exposure is good for you, but too much UV light breaks down collagen, making your skin look older. Many of the best face cream companies offer moisturizers with built-in sun protection, which insulates your skin from the worst of the sun. In addition to younger-looking skin, sun protection can also help prevent sun spots and cancer. With an amazing selection of medical-grade skin care products, Zvia Weight Loss & Medspa can help you look healthy and vibrant. They cater to men and women throughout the Lakewood and Denver, CO areas, and will take the time to help you find the perfect product for your skin. Visit their website to browse their products today, call (303) 902-5353 with any questions, or visit the medspa in person to pick up some moisturizer today.

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