Zvia Laser Liposculpt


Zvia Laser LipoSculpt™

Zvia Laser LipoSculpt ™ is a 100% noninvasive, laser-based body contouring system that melts fat, smooths cellulite, and helps you lose inches. Laser sessions are 40 minutes in length, relaxing, and pain-free. When our Zvia Laser LipoSculpt™ technologies are used in conjunction with clean eating, a healthy lifestyle, and adequate exercise, weight loss is greatly accelerated and results are long-lasting.

Zvia Laser LipoSculpt™ Science and Technology

The Low-Level Laser Therapy Technology (LLLT) that Zvia Laser LipoSculpt ™ uses imitates your body’s natural metabolic process of utilizing fat for energy. Laser energy safely penetrates your skin at wavelengths that target fat cells. The fat cells are permeated causing the pores of the cell wall to open up, releasing water, fatty acids, and glycerol from the cells into your bloodstream. Those released substances are carried out of the body through the lymphatic system and the liver. Through this process, the fat cells are reduced in size producing visible results on your body.

Disclaimer: Zvia Laser LipoSculpt™ is recommended and guaranteed to reduce inches when used in conjunction with a clean eating plan that can be customized for you by Zvia Health and Nutrition coaches. Dramatic and lasting results cannot be sustained unless Zvia’s health protocols are being followed.

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