Medically Managed Weight Loss

How Zvia Is Different 

The Zvia medically managed weight loss program is extremely next level and designed to promote your success with lab testing for hormone issues, coaching, fresh step meal plans, along with supplements and peptides to increase metabolism and overall health.

Our Weight Loss Process and Advantage 

Step 1: Free Consultation 

Step 2: Styku Body Scan (3D Body Imaging) 

Step 3: Full Blood Profile (hormone levels and more) 

Step 4: Weekly coaching (personalized advisor) 

Step 5: Food Advising (grocery shopping and meal prep)

Step 6: Meal Replacements 

Step 7: Various Peptides (helps boost metabolism and fat burning) 


Our Medical Weight Loss Plans

Zvia weight loss programs are supervised by Medical Directors and Nurse Practitioners that provide further direction of diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits. 

Our weight loss programs include comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor your body composition and physiological shifts during the program. 

All weight loss programs begin with a comprehensive consultation. Zvia has multiple blood labs and panels for you to choose from. Hormones, vitamins, trace minerals, heavy metals, and DNA testing helps determine genetic predispositions that may affect weight.


How We Can Help You

All Zvia health coaches are trained in lifestyle and behavior modification techniques, integrative nutrition, dietary therapy, and more. Zvia prides itself on inspiring every individual that comes through the doors to choose healthy habits for the rest of their lives. 

At Zvia, there are no cookie-cutter diets; every individual receives a custom fit plan to help them best lose weight. 

Contact us today for a free consultation to start your weight loss journey specifically tailored to your body chemistry and metabolism.

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