IV Drip Hydration (detox, immune boosting, migraine support)

IV Drip Hydration

IV vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant drips are one of the best ways for your body to receive nutrients. It allows for a superior absorption rate as it skips the digestive system and allows for immediate cellular use of the nutrients. This makes IV drips the optimal way for your body to be immediately nourished. 

An IV drip treatment will take about 30-45 minutes with clients being able to feel a difference in as little as 15 minutes into the procedure. We start the treatment by taking a comprehensive background of the client’s medical history and asking what benefits they specifically want to achieve. Do they want an immune boost because they will be traveling soon? Do they need rehydration from a hike? Do they need a quick hangover cure? Do they need an energy boost for a big race coming up? Do they want to tap into a more youthful version of themselves with the skin care and anti-aging effects of the drips? No matter the circumstances, we can craft the cocktails of vitamins and minerals a client desires to meet their needs at Zvia.

IV drips have little to no side effects and administration is painless and relaxed. You could even grab a facial or other treatments as you wait for your drip to finish. The frequency of IV drip appointments will vary from person to person depending on their individual needs, but we recommend a bi-monthly treatment for optimal results. Come visit us at Zvia Weight Loss & Medspa today to talk about possible treatments for you!


IV Drip Hydration

  • IV Drip: Finish Line $135.00
  • IV Drip: Metabolic Boost $125.00
  • IV Drip: Myers Cocktail $165.00
  • IV Drip: Over the Moon Immune $128.00
  • IV Drip: Superstar Performance $145.00

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